Debate on 'Documentary in Flanders, between journalism, creativity and commerce' on 15 May at Cinema Rits.
15/05/2013 19:00 - 20:15
Cinema RITS, Dansaertstraat 70, 1000 Brussel
Erasmushogeschool Brussels Master of Journalism and RITS, with support of the Brussels Platform for Journalism, organise a debate on the economic context of documentary in Flanders.
The debate (in Dutch) asks questions such as: Is documentary as a genre (in)compatible with popularisation and commercialisation? Can creative and relevant quality documentary find their way in the contemporary media landscape? What role do the public broadcaster and culture subsidies have to play? And can digitisation and the web provide impulses for documentary?

Panelists are: 

Frank Moens - Coördinator programmation DocVille / Fonk vzw
Manu Riche - Documentary maker (Strip-Tease, Hoge Bomen, Tempo of a Restless Soul, Snake Dance)
Reinhilde Weyns - Canvas
Laurens Verbeke - independent advisor, former programma director of VMMa, Woestijnvis
moderated by Jelle Mast, Erasmushogeschool Brussel Master of Journalism

Wednesday May 15 2013, 19:00-20:15
Cinema RITS, Dansaertstraat 70, 1000 Brussel
Free entrance