Hybridity and the News: Hybrid Forms of Journalism in the 21st Century
Conference date: 4-5 December 2014

VUB Campus Etterbeek
Brussels Institute for Journalism Studies (BIJouS) in cooperation with Brussels Platform for Journalism
Contact: hybrijou@vub.ac.be

Here is the programme

The essence of journalism has never been easy to define, but in the 21st century hybrid forms of news and current affairs journalism seem to be the rule rather than the exception. Therefore, this conference wants to explore different types and aspects of hybridity, not only related to  the content that is conveyed, but also  to the forms and genres that are applied, and to the practices of creating and experiencing journalism. Several authors have argued that the conventional boundaries between news and entertainment, between public affairs and popular culture, and between factual and fictional modes, have become increasingly porous. Moreover, mainstream media have long lost their monopoly on the news and journalists have integrated the information exchange of the social media in their daily routines. Many journalists do not want to be dependent on news managers and editors and start their own news initiatives.

This conference aims to question narrow, uniform conceptions of journalism, and to move beyond traditional binary oppositions between hard and soft news, (rational) knowledge and (emotional) experience, objectivity and subjectivity, the sober and the ludic, expert and non-expert, or fact and fiction, which have stifled the debate on the implications  of journalism’s multiple and ever-changing faces. In doing so, we want to walk the thin line between journalism and entertainment, journalism and literature, journalism and advertising, and follow the journalists’ wanderings and ponderings in defining their course and their identity in the changing media world. The role of social media and alternative media in this process will be a special point of interest.
Created by Hugo Durieux on 9/10/2014